Sunday, 2 August 2020

Week 2 Reflection

Evening Families,

Last week we were very excited to start our new topic in Patiki which focuses on 'Roles and Responsibilities'. This ties in beautifully with the build-up to when we move into our lovely new school and how we can all contribute and care for our new space.

The children amazed us with their knowledge of what their role and responsibilities are in Patiki and we will continue to develop and build on this throughout the term. You may like to have a discussion at home around what their roles and responsibilities are at home.

Here is a selection of photos from last weeks learning:
(As you will see the Block Challenge and Lego Challenge are the winner on the day!!)


Kia ora Waimairi whānau,

-Due to an electrical supply fault we can't provide light, heat, and toilets for a full school roll tomorrow morning. Most of the West Side is down (as well as the building site).

-We ask that parents who can keep their children at home (or make other arrangements) to not send them to school tomorrow.

-Any children who can't stay away tomorrow are welcome to come to school. Teachers will meet the kids at their usual classroom and we will redistribute people to East Side rooms based on the numbers who turn up.

-Although working in a different room your children will spend the day learning with their regular teachers.

-MASH will be relocated to Ti Kouka shared space.

-There is no coffee shop or Monday Meetup tomorrow. 

-A big thanks to Darren for his work on getting this sorted today. Also to Kat, our Ministry of Education Delivery Manager who has swung into action this afternoon to get this issue sorted ASAP.

I will update you tomorrow morning once new information comes to hand.

Nāhaku noa, nā
Mike Anderson

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Words to learn or spell.

Hi All

Some of the children have been given today word lists to learn or lists for spelling. They should be in their reading folders. Please check. This is not a must do but it is for your reference so that you know what your child knows and what they need to know next. If your child is not interested please do not press the matter as we do learning around this at school. If your child does not have a list today there will be one coming and we'll let you know when it's in their reading folder.

Tracy and Kirsty.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Term 3 Week 2

Hi All

A short week last week but the children were straight back into planning projects, writing, reading and maths. So good to see.

Monday meet-up is up and running and we would love to see you there if you can.

The reading books are kept in the children's reading folder for the week. This is to encourage the children to read again books they have discussed and read with the teacher, read with you at home and can now read independently themselves.

On the board outside the classroom is a roster for putting the books away each week. It's a quick job if we fill up the space for each week and it only takes 10-15 minutes of your time. You can do this on Tuesday through Friday, at a time that suits you. The reading room for this term is in Ti Kōuka so it's easier to put them away as they are all in one building. We really really appreciate your help this so please add your name to the roster.

Our paint shirts are looking pretty rumpty! Large t-shirts are best as the arms are a good length so if you have some old t-shirts that need to be sent to t-shirt heaven please send them to us.

We look like we're in for some beautiful days but cold mornings for the first few days next week. Please be careful coming into school as the concrete coming in from Tillman Avenue proves to be a bit of a skating rink if you're not careful.


Have a great week.
Tracy and Kirsty

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Classroom opens at 8.30am/Boxes needed

Evening All,

We are back into the swing of things this term. Lots of fantastic learning and creating has been going on this week and children have been enjoying catching up with their friends.

Two quick notices:

-Please remember the classroom is open from 8.30am onwards. Prior to this, we are preparing for the school day. 

-We also require LOTS of boxes for our box construction. Patiki children thoroughly enjoy creating Projects with boxes and we need a constant flow of any boxes you might have around the home. Please nothing bigger than a shoebox, (cereal boxes, muesli bar boxes...)

Thank you for your support,

Kirsty and Tracy

Monday, 20 July 2020


Hello All,

We hope you have had a lovely holiday with your family and are ready to jump into another fun-filled term of learning in Patiki.

The teachers had a very exciting day today planning for our new school. Not long to go now!

A few reminders for the week:

-please encourage your child to continue to walk into school independently and unpack their own belongings
-the classroom is open from 8.30am onwards
-all children need a named, warm jacket for another wintery term
-please remind children to return their reading folders and poetry books
-if you are free please join us for "Meet up" in the hall tomorrow morning

Have a great week everyone,

Kirsty and Tracy

Thursday, 2 July 2020


We have had a report of headline in our class. Please check your child's hair.
Many thanks.
Tracy and Kirsty.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Term 2 Week 10-Monday 29 June to Friday 3 July.

Hi All

Here we are half way through the year and it's been one we've never seen before and hopefully never again. Term ends this Friday 3 July and Term 3 starts Tuesday 21 July.

Please come and join us for Monday Meet-up in the hall this Monday 29 June at 8.50am. It will be great to all be back together again.

If you haven't already found it there is a brief newsletter in your child's bag.

There is a new app that you will need to access so that you are kept up to date with all matters relating to school. Please follow the instructions on the Waimairi School website.

Reading Books
As the term comes to end it is important that all our reading books are put away ready to start the new term fresh. We have a bit of a back log at the moment and would really appreciate 10 minutes of your time in the morning or after school to put some of the books away.

We had some Year 5/6 children join us for an afternoon and as you can see we had fun showing them some of our learning activities.

We hope you all have a safe and relaxing holiday break.

Tracy and Kirsty.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Term 2 Week 8 -15 June

Hi All

It certainly feels like winter has arrived and those mountains are now covered in snow! They look fantastic.

There have been so many positives for the children walking in and out independently and sorting their own belongings. We still want you to visit us but let's try not to undo this growing independence in our children. They are so proud of their efforts and it really has made a difference in the classroom for locating their things and knowing where their things are.

Thank you so much to Wendy (Lizzie's Mum ) for the marathon effort of putting away the reading books. It took two visits!! We will put up a roster and we really do appreciate your help with this. The reading books are collected in each Monday so from Monday afternoon till the end of the week they are available to be put away. Kirsty and I really appreciate your help.

We have some budding chess players and would love any old chess sets you have that you don't want anymore that is taking up space in a cupboard. Please send them our way.

Here is a montage of the activities going on in Patiki. We love seeing the children exploring their own learning and as you can see it can be block challenges, Lincoln recreating the Solar System and naming the plants, projects and working independently or co-operatively.

Have a great week.
Tracy and Kirsty

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Reading books - parent volunteers

Evening All,

We have a growing number of reading books that desperately need to be returned to the reading room. Now that we are in Level 1 you are able to come into the classroom and other school buildings. Although you do need to sign in.

If you are able to spare some time this week or next to return reading books we would be HUGELY APPRECIATIVE.

Keep warm.

Thank you in advance,

Kirsty and Tracy

Monday, 8 June 2020

Level 1 - Tuesday 9th June

Evening All,

As we enter Level 1 tomorrow we would like to remind you that children are only to enter the classroom from 8.30am onwards. Please don't arrive before this time.

Thank you,

Kirsty and Tracy

Mike's message below (email sent out today from Mike):

The self-discipline and huge sacrifice has paid off. At midnight tonight we enter Level One. Thanks for making Team Waimairi an effective part of the wider 'team of five million'.

A very important lesson in citizenship has played out in front of our children's eyes.

The ramifications for so many of our whānau will continue for a long time. Tautoko.

What does this mean for school tomorrow?

-We switch to using the NZ COVID Tracer app for checking in.
All parents, staff and other visitors need to use the app each time you arrive at school. It is a very simple process, no need to type in any details, just scan and you are done. Download and set up the app tonight.

-You are all welcome inside our buildings, after 8:30am each morning. In bad weather any early arrivers can shelter under the hall verandah.

-Volunteer helpers are warmly welcomed back.

-Buy coffee, buy coffee, buy coffee - the coffee shop is the PTA's only current fundraising scheme operating. We desperately need funds coming in. The lockdown etc. has decimated the annual fundraising budget. Buy coffee.

-As we unite to recover from the effects of COVID-19, it's still important that we keep the basic hygiene measures, including washing your hands and coughing or sneezing into your elbow. Go back over the 'singing happy birthday twice' method with your kids tonight.

-Have fun. Enjoy lingering and catching up with your friends and neighbours at school. This is a part of the 'Waimairi Vibe' that has really been missed.

Given the suddenness of the move to Level One, we will give out information about things like Monday Meetup, Sport, Hot Dogs, and other aspects of school life over the next few days - as details come to light and plans are made.

Rock On! Waimairi - we are beating this virus.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Week 7 - Monday 8th June

Hello All,

We hope you have kept warm over the weekend. Winter is definitely here!

-please bring reading folders every day
-return Poetry books on a Monday
-bring a warm jacket for break times
-all children need a named drink bottle as our drinking fountains are still closed
-please remember parents are not allowed into the classroom under Level 2, however this may be due to change in the coming days, we will keep you informed

Enjoy photos below of our creative kids in Patiki:

Meadow's finished project.

Lots of children took on the challenge of creating marble runs with the blocks.

Ava's mini marble run. It worked really well.

Zavier's Project, lots of paint was used!

Claire and Phoebe worked together on this 2 story house Project.

Sophie's farmhouse Project.

Elise's detailed and quality Project.

Grace completed a flower Project.

Olivia's amazing Project with a glitter flower garden included.

Alex and Kaden worked together to create their Project.