Sunday, 23 February 2020

Week 4 - 24 February

As expected the weeks are flying away and we're already up to Week 4 of our term!

Many thanks to those parents who have offered their help putting away books and/or cleaning our tables. We really appreciate your help. If you haven't added your name to the roster they are on the board outside the classroom.

Many thanks for those of you who were able to attend our Otakaro picnic. It was lovely to see you there. The children look different out of school uniform...maybe a bit more grown up! For those that were unable to make it, we hope to have a similar get together some other time in the year so hopefully you will be able to attend.

Our first week of reading went well and lots of the children remembered the routine. Thank you for the little reminders. It is important that the children are directed to do this as when it comes time to get their reading folder, if they haven't put it in the right place, they are unsure if it's in the box or in their bag. We will continue this week to group and regroup the children so that we get the right level for each individual child.

Our swimming days are Tuesday and Fridays. The Year1/2 have a lunchtime swim on a Tuesday.

Have a great week.

Many thanks
Kirsty and Tracy

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Frank's visit

Helen, my daughter, bought her puppy Frank into visit us. Frank is attending puppy school and Helen showed us some of the things he was learning. This provided a good reinforcement for the children that it takes lots of practise to learn something new. Frank loved them and Helen said he was totally exhausted after his visit!!

The Block Challenge

The block challenge is a favourite with many of the children in Patiki. It provides a platform for some excellent oral language as the children have to discuss, negotiate and problem solve as well as letting those creative juices flow! This challenge is put on the window in the morning and that is what needs to be recreated. As you can see the children involved were looking for detail and to achieve quality.

Things that are happening in Patiki

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Week 3 - 17th February

Hello Families,

We hope you had a restful weekend and children managed to catch up on some sleep. Lots of very tired children at the end of last week, (teachers too!!)

Our first full week went really well, with children adapting easily to our Pataki routines and socialising with different children within the class.

A few reminders for the coming week:

-Swimming Tuesday and Friday.

-Instructional Reading Groups start this week. Please be aware we are still working out exactly what level all children are reading at and this will take 1-2 weeks. The books maybe easy at first however they will be adjusted as we go through the term. The idea is that you re read the book at home with your child. This should be low key and enjoyable by all.

-If you would like to talk with us about any pressing concerns please make a time after school with us. As you are aware our mornings from 8.30am are very busy with lots of children still settling in and needing reminding about what to bring in each morning.

-Every morning please remind your child to bring in their reading folder, healthy food snack and drink bottle. Everything else stays in their school bag. Thank you for your support with this.

-Lastly, please remember before 8.30am we are busy preparing and getting ready for the day. We are often in and out of the classroom doing jobs. We ask that you kindly wait until 8.30am before leaving your child in the classroom.

Here are a few photos of our busy beavers in Patiki:

Thomas enjoying our lego challenge. Look at his caterpillar.

The boys creating our block challenge castle.

Black and White was even included in the boys block creation.

Georgia and Elsie having fun with lego.

Kaden and Zavier working together with duplo.

Skyla and Elise showed great teamwork together.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Copy of the Otakaro River Picnic Letter

Otakaro River
Picnic Evening 
Your child is part of the Otakaro River at Waimairi School which is made up of Patiki(Year1/2), Ti Kouka(Year 3/ 4) and Patiki22(Year 6).

To get to know other families in our river we invite you to bring your dinner (and your family!) and meet us at Edgar MacIntosh park at the Condell Avenue side of the park on Wednesday 19 February from 5.00pm to 6.30pm. 
The park is HUGE so please bring any sports gear you would like to play with. There is a playground and paddling pool in the far corner but the children will need to be supervised by you.
This is a wonderful chance to meet us, other families and for the children to connect with other children in our river.
We look forward to seeing you there. 

Kind Regards
Sue Howard, Anne McHaffie, Kirsty Hay, Deirdre Hull, Grace Hoets, Matt Robinson, Kirsty Mitchell, Maryanne Bhatnagar, Lavanya Karra and Tracy Campbell

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Welcome to Sonya every Wednesday morning

Hello All,

Every Wednesday morning from 9.00-11.45am we welcome Sonya teaching for Tracy. Tracy has release for her River Leader position.

Sonya taught in Wai-iti last year and knows lots of the children already. She also has 3 lovely daughters who have all gone through Waimairi School.

Thanks Kirsty

Sunday, 9 February 2020

The week that's just been!

We've had a fantastic start to the term and the children have been enjoying exploring their new environment and reacquainting themselves with favourite learning choices.

Swimming is on Tuesday and Friday. The lunchtime swim for Year1/2 is Tuesday lunch time. The lunch time swim is optional but a great cool off on a hot day.

Healthy Food Break
The grey box by the door is the drop off point for this. Please name the container or packaging if you can.

This week the children will bring home a poem each day. Please read this together as some poems are just meant to be shared! The poetry book needs to be returned each day to the poetry box and the reading folder is to be put into the reading folder boxes. We'll be there to help the children with this.

Some photos of some of the children from last week.

Have a great week.
Tracy and Kirsty

Newsletter incase it's been lost!

Week 2

A copy of our newsletter incase you misplaced it.

Welcome to our new families and welcome back to the oldies. Our class name is PATIKI. Our key words are QUALITY, DETAIL and SEQUENCE which underpin the learning in Patiki. This term our school-wide focus is Health and P.E.

In Patiki we work as one class so your child may have either Mrs Campbell or Kirsty for Reading, Writing or Maths. Please feel free to see either of us if you have any queries.

In Patiki our expectations are that your child will hang their own bag up outside on the hook and bring their healthy food break into the class and put it in the grey container by the door at this stage. By the time the bell goes the children should have said their farewells and be sitting on the mat ready to start their day.

Each day at 9.30am the children will be having a healthy food break. This needs to be in a named container and bought into class in the morning and put in the grey box by the door. Some suggestions are small sandwich, bun, cheese and crackers, nuts and raisins or fruit.
It is really important that we work together to ensure that all shared information  from us is read by you. All our weekly class information is published on our class Blog. Any information or upcoming events for Patiki will be on the blog so please check it regularly. You will need to go on the school website and scroll down to the bottom where there will be a link to Patiki blog. The easiest way to get updated information is to put your email address in the ‘follow by email’ box on the top right of the blog home page and then all updates will be emailed to you each morning. This saves you having to log in and check! Please also check the school newsletter, school website and twitter for school-wide events. Please advise if you do not have access to the internet and we will make alternative arrangements for you.
To ensure we have up to date contact information please fill in the attached contact list and allergy information and return this by Wednesday 12 February. 

We would like to publish a friendship list for the children in Patiki. If you are happy for your contact details to be shared please let us know by ticking the box on the contact list. 

We will be swimming on Tuesday and FridaysThe lunch time swim for Y1/2 is Tuesdays. As we will be changing in the changing rooms please ensure all items of clothing are well named.
Reading for the first two weeks will be Poetry. Poetry day will then be each Friday.  Poetry books will be needed at school every day. These are kept in the boxes by the tote trays. Please encourage your children to put these in the boxes before school.  Instructional reading will begin from Week 3. The children will keep their reading books in their reading folder for the week. Please encourage your child or children to reread their previous books. Reading folders will be kept in the box that is named with their reading teacher.
In the porch area there is a noticeboard and on the notice board there is a  roster for both jobs.  We would appreciate it if you could put your name beside a week. The books need to be put away in the book room. Full training is given!!! It’s a quick job that can be done anytime from after school Monday through to Friday. Pre-schoolers are welcome. The books just need to be put in order and then replaced on the shelves in the book room. Cleaning the tables is on a Tuesday and Thursday and it just requires a spray n wipe of the table tops.
We understand that the children love to share their toys. However, this has proved to be the cause of many tears…and that’s just the teachers! Please no toys at school except on their birthdays where they can share or when we have toy days.

·     NO TOYS 
·     DRINK BOTTLES-Named please
·     LUNCH BOXES-Named please
·     TOGS AND TOWEL-Named please
·     SUN HATS-Named please
Kind Regards
Kirsty Hay and Tracy Campbell

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Healthy Food Snack

Hello All,

As you will have read in our class letter we are encouraging a Healthy Food Snack at 9.30am each morning. This is to refill our wee one's tummies so they can continue to learn and last through until our morning tea eating time.

This is a small snack and needs to be stored in a separate, named container and placed inside the classroom.

Some ideas are a small sandwich, cheese and crackers, nuts and raisins, fruit...

Please remind your children to bring their drink bottle inside each day as well.

Thank you for your support with this,

Kirsty and Tracy

REMINDER: Tomorrow is one of our swimming days, so please pack your togs and towel. Cross fingers for warm weather.

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Welcome to our Patiki blog 2020

Hello All,

We have had a fantastic first day in Patiki. Children have been exploring our space, working together, making new friends and learning our Patiki routines.

This is our main form of communication. So please check our blog on a regular basis. We will also upload photos of the children's learning each week.

Have a lovely Waitangi Day, see you all on Friday.

Kirsty and Tracy